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Annabesacook farm, March 9

March 9, 2012

New baby goat now, and a flock of robins came into the trees from the field as I wandered with my camera.  The pond is thawing rapidly.  Love this time of year - rapid change; everything awakening.  There are new discoveries under the melting snow.

Jop told me that a goat was born Thursday - head first and still born.    He gave it mouth to mouth resuscitation & saved it.  It lay quietly curled in a corner of the goat pen today.  The mother still has some swollen after birth appearing on her behind.

Mother of all the goats is a LaMancha – no ears type of breed.  She is named “Caleche” – for her milk producing qualities.   She peers over the gate in the center and butts heads with the others as they try to look out at the humans.  Will she share the carrots and lettuce I bring?

Magic eggs –these eggs lower cholesterol.  It must be the daily fresh greens the chickens are fed.   

The Pond.

 Increasingly, I feel this will be the central focus of my piece. 

While still a surface of ice, the pond is thawing rapidly.    More cattails have emerged from the surface.   Colors are changing.  One end of the pond has a ring of earth colored textures.   The blue sky reflects into this ovoid, linking land and air.

The Barn

This building feels like the womb of the farm, where the babies are delivered, and the chickens run around together for safety.   It is crowded with contrasts of light, smells, and voices.   My eyes take a few moments to adjust to the darker spaces.  Small sparrows dart up high and take shelter in the rafters, adding another layer to the lyrics.  The calls become louder and more insistent as the dinner hour approaches.



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